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August 2018
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Social Media Contracts
Patterns of Active Shooters
Sexual Harassment Training
Meet the Team

As you settle in for a new school year, we want to remind you how HUB can support you in your projects and day-to-day tasks. As a member of the HUB Charter School Practice, your charter school has access to numerous, no-cost resources that can take work off your shoulders and improve the risk management of your organization:

  • Insurance claim advocacy
  • Human Resource support
  • Risk Control services
  • In-house underwriting and analytics

To learn more, reach out to your HUB team or connect with a Practice Leader, contact info shown below.


Developing a Social Media Contract with Your Kids

The Internet has forever changed the way we find and share information. Sometimes, it can feel like a full-time job just to keep up with new websites, applications and online trends.  Computers, tablets, phones, gaming devices and even televisions put the web constantly in reach. In recent years, the explosion of social media and its growing number of platforms have assumed even greater prominence as forums for people to connect here to continue reading. 

Recognizing the Biophysics and Behavioral Patterns of a Human Threat Before an Active Shooter Event Occurs

Understanding the body language and behavior of a potential shooter before they act can help avert disaster. But, then you’ve got to think and act quickly....  Click here to continue reading.

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Your charter school can work toward a safer environment for children and employees and protect your school from unnecessary litigation and defense costs by creating and maintaining a strong harassment compliance effort.  As a HUB Charter Practice Member, you have access to numerous tools that can help you in this area. Reach out to your HUB team to learn more about how you can offer sexual harassment training online for no cost. Click the following link to one of the tools you have available: Human Resource Support

Meet your Charter School Practice Team
Gary Clark
Charter School Practice Leader
Employee Benefits 
HUB Colorado
Eric Slinger
Charter School Practice Leader
Property & Casualty 
HUB Colorado